Athina Prezerakou was born in 1984 in Larisa, Greece and grew up in a variety of places around the world due to her fathers’ profession. She studied Architecture at the National Technical University in Athens. Her Love for design led her to continue her studies towards a graduate degree. Athina attained a Master’s degree in Interior & Industrial Design in Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. Within her graduate program in Milan, Athina and her colleages were presented an award from Comune di Milano At Led exhibition Competition. Furthermore, she continued with an internship in Luca Schacchetti Architectural studio in Milan. She also participated in the Breil Design Time worldwide competition by designboom and achieved a top 100 list distinction out of 3000 participants. Seven years ago she decided to start her own business along with her older brother, who is a civil engineer in Larisa, Greece. After a successful and productive time period designing retail stores, residences and a hotel she continued her career in Athens undertaking a major project for large pastry shop chain. Since, Athina continued to design stores, exhibition kiosks, as well as an office building in Jeddah, South Arabia and a production factory. She’s always seeking for opportunities to express herself by creating other people’s dreams!